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Meet Our AI Agents


Your AI agent for Product Listings

  • Increase discovery with powerful keyword research
  • Transform smartphone photos into stunning catalog images
  • Generate A+ content & videos with a single click for enhanced visibility
  • Streamline and Simplify the process of updating your listings


Your AI agent for Social Media

  • Boost your brand’s reach with social media campaign management
  • Engage your audience with dynamic posts across various media formats
  • Save time and effort with instant reels and carousel posts
  • Reach your audience by directly sharing on Facebook and Instagram.


Your AI agent for Data Analytics

  • Conduct comprehensive market research of your category
  • Track Competitive activity and Unlock the right pricing
  • Discover key product trends to stay ahead of the curve
  • Explore international market opportunities for expanded growth


Your AI agent for Support Queries

  • Generate summaries of sales and profits that actually reconcile
  • Track your net sales value (NSV) and payouts with ease
  • Get quick resolutions to your queries with explainable AI
  • Access expert training sessions for your team

What can you do with Publiq?

Revamp your product visuals
  1. Access 100+ templates for your photo needs.
  2. Use AI generated backgrounds
  3. Get Studio Quality Photos in 1-Click.
Get infographic A+ images
  1. Save time and money from manual editing
  2. Get exciting ad-like content
  3. Generate in different sizes
Create high converting product listings
  1. Craft SEO rich product descriptions
  2. Boost your search page ranking
  3. Get more views on your product
Drive traffic from social channels
  1. Create promotional content for your products
  2. Generate images, stories and hashtags instantly
  3. Post directly to social media
Get growth intelligence
  1. Understand your competitor brand landscape
  2. Set the right pricing on your products
  3. Get inputs to maximise profit

Who is it for

For Sellers / D2C brands

Build your Identity. Get more Customer Love.

For Platforms / Agencies

Grow your Business through Efficient Operations

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