Publiq aims to leverage the power of Data and AI to improve online seller experience.

Publiq is an AI-native company building autonomous AI agents for eCommerce sellers that empower brands to seamlessly onboard onto eCommerce platforms and harness 360-degree market insights to create winning products and enhance portfolio conversion rates


We believe in bridging the gap between intent and ability of all our stakeholders.

  • Speak Openly: We encourage transparent dialogue, valuing honesty and active listening to foster trust and alignment across all levels of the organisation.
  • Listen Quickly: We prioritise understanding before action, swiftly acknowledging and responding to our team members' and clients' needs and feedback.
  • Focus on Value: We emphasise delivering tangible benefits and consistently assess how our actions contribute to our customers' and stakeholders' success and satisfaction.
  • Collaborate: We believe in teamwork, leveraging diverse perspectives and skills to achieve collective goals while fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Meet our team

We are a small yet driven team on a mission. We are like a sports team playing hard and enjoying ourselves throughout. Click on the photo to learn more about each one of us.

Abhi Abhash

Customer Success

Aman Yadav

Software developer

Ananya Johri

UI/UX Designer

Bhanu Prakash

Lead Customer Success

Dona Mukherjee

Digital Marketer


Data Analyst

Kaushik Das

Software Developer

Praneet Mishra


Purbasha Maity

Growth and sales

Priyanka Rana

Director of Customer Success

Prabhjyot Singh

Head of growth

Ranjeet Mohapatra


Subhasish Mohanty

Customer Success

Sri Divya S

Customer Success

Sourav Sinha

Lead Customer Success

Umesh Kulkarni

Growth and sales


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